Monday, December 28, 2009

llOm Aiem Hrim Clim Chamundayey Vicchyeyll

Param Poojya Bapu in His discourse on 26th November 2009 has asked all the bhaktas to daily chant following mantra of Goddess Chandika Mata for next 3 to 5 weeks daily.

ll ॐ अईम र्हीम क्लिम चामुंडायै विचे ll

(ll Om Aiem Hrim Clim Chamundayey Vicchyey ll)

Rules for Chanting:

1) Chanting has to be performed atleast 5 times daily.

2) One can also chant this mantra for 108 times everyday or even more than that.

3) There is no restriction of place for chanting so one can chant it anywhere i.e. when at office, home or while traveling in train, bus, car, etc.

4) One should avoid wearing footwear while chanting this mantra.

5) In case one cannot remove his footware because of medical reasons it would be perfectly fine for him to perform chanting by even wearing his footwear.

6) Even after this period of 3 - 5 gets over one can continue with this chanting.P. P. Bapu said that this mantra is of His mother and one should do it with utmost love and faith without having any fear in his mind.

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