Monday, December 28, 2009

Dattastavan Stotram that is recited during the Upasana at Hari Guru Gram on all Thursdays. Param Pujya Bapu while specifically mentioning the importance of this stotra (religious verse) brought one point to notice of all the bhaktas that on other stotra except this Dattastavanstotram start with words bhoot (ghost), pret (dead body), pishacchya (unholy spirit). Further Param Pujya Bapu said that this stotra destroys all these evil forces and protects all the bhaktas who recite this stotra from these unnatural powers. Every Thursday Param Poojya Samirdada recites this verse.

SukhSavarni (a religious ritual) would be held in front of Trivikram. The poojan and event would be carried by either Param Poojya Nandai or Param Poojya Suchitdada or Param Poojya Samirdada or Respected Swapnilsinh or Respected Paurassinh. If Param Poojya Bapu is travelling on any particular Thursday then SukhSavarni won't be conducted. Portrait of Ek Mukhi (one faced) Lord Dattatrey would be kept behind Trivikram during Sukh Savarni. One can demand fulfillment of his/ her wish (which is pure in its form and concept), one can confess, one can decide on any particular topic or action he has to take during this ritual.

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