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Shree Ranachandika Prapatti

Shree Ranachandika Prapatti

Shree Ranachandika Prapatti may be performed on any Monday of the month of Shravan. This year the dates are 16, 23, 30 – Aug and 6 – Sep 2010.

Any man who has completed sixteen years of age can perform the Prapatti.

Set – up for performing Prapatti

A Shraddhavan should have a photo of Shree Trivikram (any size), a banana and a mixture of curd and sugar to be offered as Prasad, and fragrant flowers for offering to Shree Trivikram.
A Shraddhavan should take a bath before commencing the Prapatti.
The Prapatti is to be performed only after sunset.
Shree Ranachandika Prapatti is not to be performed in a group; it has got to be done individually.

The procedure:
·        After a bath and dressed in Shraddhavan attire, sit before the image of the Trivikram and recite the Shreegurukshetram mantra nine times.
·        Then recite the mantra ‘Om namashchandikaayay’ 108 times.
·        Now placing the image of the Trivikram on the head, recite the Shreegurukshetram mantra nine times all over again.
·        Thereafter, offer the Trivikram, a naivedya of banana and a mixture of curd and sugar. The banana and the curd-sugar mixture are to be offered in separate bowls.
·        The person performing the Prapatti should eat a spoonful of the curd-sugar mixture and then offer only the banana as prasad, to both the men and the women in the family.
·        The Shraddhavan should then come back and sit before the Trivikram and eat all of the remaining curd-sugar mixture, while looking at the Trivikram all along.
·        Offer fragrant flowers to the Trivikram
·        Lastly, offer the lotangan.

The above mentioned details can be found between pages 41 to 51 of the booklet on the Ram Rajya discourse by Param Poojya Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu
Certain queries have been raised and clarifications sought by Shraddhavans which are addressed herebelow:

1) Shree Ranachandika Prapatti is only for gents, which can be performed on any one Monday in the month of Shravan. If one so wishes, the Prapatti can be performed on all Mondays; it is not compulsory. The Prapatti should be performed only once on any of the Mondays.
2) Shraddhavan's dress code is compulsory while performing Shree Ranachandika Prapatti.
3) One can burn the incense sticks (Dhoopshikha) while performing Shree
Ranachandika Prapatti.
4) Using of a mat (Aasan) while performing Shree Ranachandika Prapatti is optional.
5) The Prasad consisting of curd-sugar and bananas can be kept in front of the photoframe from the very start of the Prapatti.
6) The Trivikram photo of any size can be used while performing Prapatti,
7) While taking a bath prior to performing Prapatti is compulsory, taking a head bath is optional.
8) A common photo of Trivikram can be used by all the male Shraddhavans in a family performing the Prapatti. However, they should not be sitting together; rather they should be seated at a comfortable distance from each other. Also, each Shraddhavan should have his own separate Prasad.
9) Any Shraddhavan who is unable to sit on the floor because of physical limitations may sit on a chair while performing the Prapatti.
10) Shree Adimata Chandika Mahishasurmardini’s photo can also be kept alongside the photo of Shree Trivikram while performing Prapatti.
11) If the photo of Trivikram used while performing Prapatti is large in size, then a smaller photo may be used for bearing it on the head.
12) After completing the Prapatti, Shraddhavans may perform Shree Mahishsurmardini Aarti; the same is not compulsory though.

|| Hari Om ||

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